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So I thought I’d be clever and translate a bit of an Iranian blog (see Blogroll for link). Weblogs are quite a phenomenon in Iran, having in the past been less carefully watched by the government.  Wikipedia claims there were up to 110,000 active blogs in Iran in 2005. More significantly, there were some 700,000 blogs in all, meaning that 590,000 of those were rarely updated. That’s a lot of disenchanted writers for one country. That may explain all the trouble lately.  In any event, this one, picked entirely at random, is called The Internet Journalist and bills itself as “Short subjects worth reading for people without a lot of time.” Here’s the latest blurb :

“The teacher of my first grade class said one day that trees benefit people in many ways. Fruit-bearing trees give us fruit to eat and trees that don’t bear fruit give us shade. I said, “Sir, please! So when there’s a cloud or the sky turns dark at night, what use are the trees that don’t bear fruit or provide shade?” The class all laughed. The teacher, who was like God to me in those days, grabbed me by the ear and said “Impudent whelp! Get out until you learn some manners and understand what trees without fruit are good for!”

Now whenever the sun goes behind the clouds or night draws near and the shadows of the trees disappear, I’m overcome with the strangest feeling.”

-Muhammad Reza Shamshirgar


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