Iran in the news

I’ve resisted up till now writing about Iranian politics and the recent protests because A: there are only so many hours in a day and B: a lot of other people are doing it already, many of them much better qualified than I to comment. But it really is fascinating and important, so in lieu of opinion, here are some links to other coverage, all in English. Perhaps I’ll eventually translate a recent essay from the press

Tehran 24 Pictures of Tehran in general and protests as they happen.

Tehran Bureau

Not long ago, this was a blog. It’s now been absorbed by PBS, apparently, and offers headlines and commentary. Also, video footage, arts and culture, etc. Wow, I hadn’t looked at the actual site in a while, just the feed on my news reader. The commentary is very interesting and well-informed with a pro-reform bias. The writers are much more familiar with the inner workings of the government than your typical white-guy-with-an-MA-in-Middle East Studies (hi, Mom!) pundit and like to delve into subjects ignored by US media. Probably the best English-language resource out there.

The Lede Though not focused on Iran specifically, The Lede is the New York Times’ breaking-story blog and did a great job covering the post-election riots.

Daily Dish If you like your reporting tinged with mawkish sentiment, Andrew Sullivan follows events in Iran pretty closely, at least as they pertain to overthrowing the government.

Mehr News Agency A relatively new news agency, Mehr News has been cited frequently in the foreign press. Like all news outlets in Iran, they make some claim to independence from the government.  I haven’t looked into it but it pays to be skeptical of such claims. Their English site is not bad, though like all the others, it carries only a portion of the Persian content.

I’ll add more as I think of them. YouTube is the hot spot for posting videos from the protests, so I’ll link to those as they appear. Although I’ll warn you now, watching old ladies being pummeled by baton-wielding thugs is really depressing.


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