Bikes rule.

“My teenage years started when I bought a bike. A bike with wheels so big you could travel the whole world in the space of a few seconds and then after, you’d sit and put all your wonderful thoughts down on paper. A bicycle never grew tired of any of the things you’d write and would sing them out for all the youth of Iran. In the heat of summer and the cold of winter, all the kids would be out on their bikes, listening to the stories those wheels told with all their hearts and souls. I will always remember my bicycle and every now and then, with my poems and stories and thoughts, I’ll make it smile.”

Ilnaz Kazimi from Urumiyah, Iran

There is a perfect moment every summer. Dinner eaten, whether by the children it was made for or the dog who waits below, kids burst out of banging screen doors, grab their bikes, and head for the street, followed by parents who move like glaciers, too slow, nagging about things like helmets and cars when they should be jumping and shouting and running because sooner or later, the sun will go down and it will all be over. But don’t worry about the parents, they’re old and happy just standing in the road, beer in hand, chatting about nothing and occasionally shouting “CAR!” while kids fly by like meteors in orbit.

I recently bought my son a new bike and it cost a lot more than 88 bucks. But for that amount, 88 Bikes can give a bike to a kid in a part of the world where bikes are more than toys, not that there’s anything wrong with giving kids toys. So go here, check out their website and maybe give them some money. Kids should have bikes; it’s just within the natural order of things.


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2 responses to “Bikes rule.

  • Jonathan

    Nicely written. Makes me remember the joys and freedom owning a bike gave me as a kid.

  • Aunt Ginny

    I’ve just spent 2 hours exploring various family members on Facebook…never tried to do that before, even though I think I “joined” months ago. I got to your blog and have just read about 3 postings, enjoying picturing you as I read them. That’s what’s most interesting to me—to read things written recently by people I know and care for. And thereby to get to know them a bit better, as adults.

    I already spend LOTS of time at my computer, using email for things that most folks use the phone for, because my hearing causes weird conversations. So now I”ve discovered facebook…oh, dear! Love to you and Colleen from Aunt Ginny

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