I’m not shy, I’m just an introverted, reclusive weirdo

The discovery that I can track not only the number of visitors to this site, but also where they live (more or less) and what search terms they used to find it is one of the reasons I stopped posting even at the tepid rate at which I began. Thinking of people reading what I’m writing makes my bowels clench. Really, I should just keep a diary.
Still, this information could prove useful. I had no idea, for instance, so many people were looking for translations of poems by Parvin Itisami. That’s heartening. Maybe I’ll get around to another one shortly. Also on the Infotronmeter today comes a request for “translated persian reader”. A student, no doubt, in search of crib notes. The most recent of which I am aware is:

Persian fiction reader : texts published in the 1980s and 1990s : language and culture notes, translations, glossary

compiled by Michael Hillmann with Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami.

Kensington, Md. : Dunwoody Press, c1995.


Hold on to your hat when you check the price. I hope you have access to Interlibrary Loan, although you can’t have ours at the moment because my reading group is using it. There are a couple others from the 1950’s and 60’s. If you want specifics, drop me a line.


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2 responses to “I’m not shy, I’m just an introverted, reclusive weirdo

  • amanda p.

    I like this. “shy” implies a smidgen of coyness. “introverted, reclusive weirdo” makes no implications. they keep trying to come up with funky names for people like you. like me. There was one well-publicized one…”quirky something or other”. Let’s call it as we see it; introverted reclusive weirdos unite! but then we wouldn’t be introverted. or reclusive. maybe still weird.

  • mcsmith69

    I think I have a modernity-induced form of anxiety – guilt about being underexposed in online media. Someone decided in the last ten years or so that if we are not constantly revealing our deepest thoughts via some electronic medium, then we’re not socially relevant. This blog is my form of penance.

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