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I’ve  been slow to adapt to books in their digital form. I suppose if I didn’t have ready access to more than I can ever read, I’d feel differently about being able to download e-books. And I spend too much time staring at glowing screens as it is. Still, how cool is it that I can not only recommend an author but also provide the complete text to you, Devoted Reader? Today’s selection is Lord Dunsany, aka Edward Plunkett, a proto-geek from the first half of the previous century (that is to say, 1878-1957).

How can you resist a book the preface of which reads:

“Come with me, ladies and gentlemen who are in any wise weary of London: come with me, and those that tire at all of the world we know, for we have new worlds here.”

It’s called “The Book of Wonder” and it’s just one among many. If the centaur doesn’t do it for you, try one of the other stories. They have all the trappings of a fairy tale but with a knowing air usually missing from modern fantasy writing. Plus, they’re all really short.

The link above is the bare bones PG edition. Better yet, go to and find a nice old hardcover. Then put on your smoking jacket, pour yourself a glass of absinthe and retire to the library to read by firelight.


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