My approach to blogging is twofold. First, during a burst of what I think is enthusiasm but is really just a caffeine high, I decide to take part in society. For some reason, blogging seems like a good way to accomplish this goal. Second, I descend into a black pit of despair and vow to never write again. That goes on for six months or so. Then, coffee, some free time, a computer…and the cycle continues.

So here is my attempt to break the cycle and become a productive blogger. A confession: I don’t like how I write when I blog and I hate…HATE…the word “blog,” both as a noun and as a verb. Also, “blogger.” And especially “blogosphere.” Even the WordPress spellchecker doesn’t like that word (then again, it doesn’t like “WordPress,” either). Finding things to translate is time-consuming and gets bogged down in questions of copyright and permissions. So, here’s my grand scheme: Do you write things in Persian? We’ll define “things” as poems, short (and I mean short) stories and essays. Would you like them translated into English for free and posted on a blog read by, well, not no one? If so, send them my way. Probably there’s a way to get in touch with me on here, I wouldn’t know, I don’t read my own blog. Leave a comment if all else fails. If you don’t have anything but know someone who does, point them blogward.
All credit will go to the original author and all rights or whatever will be held by the original author. All I ask is permission to post the translation and maybe the original text on my blog.
Quick, I feel despair setting in.

Time passes…
I guess I should have added: Send submissions, suggestions, good jokes to


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