My name is Matthew Smith. I’m the Persian cataloger at Harvard University’s Widener Library but if you confronted me on the street, I would say I’m a drummer. I’d prefer it if you didn’t confront me on the street. If you have something artful written in Persian and you’d like it translated into English for free, drop me a line at the email below. If I do translate it, it will be posted on the site.
And if you play the drums, say hi. We’re all in this together. Maybe I’ll get into band promotion or something.



3 responses to “About

  • hal

    hello! happened to come across your website and thought i might abuse your translation skills and ask you to translate – you’re going to detest me – a pop song?!

    here is the song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suqzMyBEZ8k

    Don’t feel you have to do this at all!

  • mkmo

    hey! man Yalie hastam, veli ahle Massachusetts hastam. gahi be Widener miram, hanouz adabiyat-e farsi anja na dide-am. hala, bidaram va bayad bist safe-ye dar bar-e inqalab-e mashruteh benevissam… blog-e shoma paidah kardam, chun donbal-e asar-e Eshqi miram. kheili khoub-e! tarjome-e digar post bekonid, lotfan?

    ham blog darim. injast:

    please excuse my 2 am nonsense Persian. I promise I make more sense in my native tongue, at normal hours. nice work with the translations.

  • Monica Ringer, Amherst College

    please contact me about a translation. i cannot find your email. it is urgent

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